Benefit Auctions / Gala or Charity Auctions;

If you need to have a fundraising for your non-profit or fire company try a Benefit Auctions or Charity Auctions.


If you are needing a new fund raisers ideas well then you need to try a great fundraising ideas and a fun way and easy fundraising ideas.  It is a 16.8 billion dollar revenue and a fun way and great way fund raising for your organization or company. It has been done for years for a lot of groups and we are specialists in the field of charity auctions or what we like to call them benefit Auctions.


Have you ever try to have an Benefit Auctions or Charity Auctions it is an easy fundraising and a fun way to raise lots of money through Benefit Auctions or Charity Auctions and turn it in to an annual event.


We have done this type for over 30 years and we know what works and what does not work. We will do the following.


We bring the items to the auction, Set up the items for the auction and sell the items at the auction and then you get to keep the profits for the auction.